The list features Ph.D Awardees from the Department of Business Economics.

As you navigate through the list, you'll see the names of those who have successfully fulfilled the academic requirements. While we don't delve into detailed stories on this page, each name represents a completion rather than an elaborate narrative.

Feel free to explore the list, and if you have any specific inquiries about a particular awardee, please reach out for more information. Thank you for taking a moment to acknowledge the academic accomplishments of our Ph.D graduates at Department of Business Economics.

Sr. No. Name of the Ph.D research Scholar Name of the Research Supervisor Year of registration Year of completion and Award of Ph.D
1 Dr. Lalit Kumar Prof. Rashmi Agarwal 2010 2019
2 Dr. S.Shekhar Singh Prof. V.K.Kaul 2009 2019
3 Dr. Pritika Dua Prof. V.K.Kaul 2012 2019
4 Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi Prof. V.K.Kaul 2013 2020
5 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jain Prof. V.K.Kaul 2013 2020
6 Dr. Manab Chakraborty Prof. V.K.Kaul 2014 2020
7 Dr. Jyotika Bahl Prof. V.K.Kaul 2013 2021
8 Dr. Mohd. Hashimuddin Khan Prof. Ananya Ghosh Dastidar 2015 2022
9 Dr. Pooja Khanna Prof. Ananya Ghosh Dastidar 2016 2023
10 Dr. Ishita Sachdeva Prof. Yamini Gupt 2015 2023
11 Dr. Srishty Kasana Prof. Yamini Gupt 2016 2023