Student Committees


Tanmay Aroratanmayarora2024@dbe-du.org8447884600
Training and Placement Committee

The placement committee serves as an interface between the institute and the organizations. It is a student driven team, led by a faculty placement advisor.

The team organizes campus placements by inviting organizations to the campus for final and summer placements as well as for providing live projects to the students. The team also, coordinates between students and faculty to develop requisite skill set that meets the needs and expectations of the organizations.

The committee members play a key role in reaching out to potential recruiters and also to Alumni, in close coordination with Alumni committee.

Committee Members

Yash Arora yasharora2024@dbe-du.org 7007499972
Vishal Jindal vishaljindal2024@dbe-du.org 8800949737
Mayanka Gupta mayankagupta2024@dbe-du.org 9962257297

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yamini Gupt | Email ygupt@mbe-du.org

Email: placements@dbe-du.org

Alumni Relations and Cultural Committee

With a rich heritage spanning 50 years, DBE boasts a robust and ever-expanding alumni community comprising over 2000 members. To foster stronger bonds and cultivate lasting relationships with our esteemed alumni, the department has established the Alumni Relations and Cultural Committee, affectionately known as ARCC. Committed to this noble cause, the dedicated members of ARCC work tirelessly to connect with and unite our alumni. Through engagement of Alumni Meets, this committee has provided a platform for our students to reunite with old friends, reminisce about their shared experiences, and exchange their remarkable stories.

Committee Members

Bhavya Jain bhavyajain2024@dbe-du.org 9468186648
Abhirup Chakraborty abhirupchakraborty2024@dbe-du.org 8723814553
Vanshika Motiyani vanshikamotiyani2024@dbe-du.org 6377684626
Bijay Panda bijaypanda2024@dbe-du.org 7008092479
Diya Goswami diyagoswami2024@dbe-du.org 9599589613
Aayush Solanki aayushsolanki2024@dbe-du.org 9967709278
Lavish Jain Lavishjain2024@dbe-du.org 7403255554
Akshay Kumar akshaykumar2024@dbe-du.org 8447789982
Saurabh Thakur saurabhthakur2024@dbe-du.org 9696082950

Website: http://alumni.dbe-du.org

Email: alumnicomm@mbe-du.org  alumnirelations@dbe-du.org

Public Relations Committee

Public Relations Comittee works rigorously to build a bridge between the Department and the outside world. We handle all the public dealings including websites , socials and bring to you the best of DBE

Committee Members

Nishant Rajpoot Nishant2024@dbe-du.org 8810558811
Harshit Chauhan harshitchauhan2024@dbe-du.org 7982616891
Vikas Kadam vikaskadam2024@dbe-du.org 9717983273
Vani Gambhir vanigambhir2024@dbe-du.org 9650605666
Lakshmichand Titirmare lakshmichandtitirmare2024@dbe-du.org 8668444352
Vicky Wakode vickywakode2024@dbe-du.org 8668451808
Deepanshu Vaid deepanshuvaid2024@dbe-du.org 9711465629
Deepak Kumar deepakkumar2024@dbe-du.org 9639605905
Arkaprava Biswas arkapravabiswas2024@dbe-du.org 9709289903
Aayush Meena Aayushmeena2024@dbe-du.org 7011522148
Anurag Bansal anuragbansal2024@dbe-du.org 9115806095
Nidhi Gupta nidhigupta2024@dbe-du.org 8285777225
Nikhil Chaudhary nikhilchaudhary2024@dbe-du.org 7983351735

Email: prcell@dbe-du.org

Corporate Communications Cell

The Corporate Communications Cell is the official link that connects the DBE community with the industry for all non-placement activities. It facilitates student interaction with the industry by opening up channels for communication. The cell aspires to invite industry leaders under its guest lecture series "Philomathes". It is also responsible for organising the flagship event of the Department, the "Annual Convention". Right from conceptualizing the theme of the Convention to coordinating with the distinguished speakers.

Committee Members

Deepanshu Kataria deepanshukataria2024@dbe-du.org 9999190037
Sahil Sharma sahilsharma2024@dbe-du.org 8544790437
Abuzar Ahmad abuzarahmad2024@dbe-du.org 7007027208
Ajay kumar Ajaykumar2024@dbe-du.org 7982495632
Naman Mahajan namanmahajan2024@dbe-du.org 7018369829
Neelam Neelam2024@dbe-du.org 7982588204
Harsh Jain harshjain2024@dbe-du.org 8307557620
Aryan Sharma aryansharma2024@dbe-du.org 9871036424
Prem Anand premanand2024@dbe-du.org 9470301392

Email: corporatecell@mbe-du.org