Student Clubs

Datamatics - The Analytics Club

The Analytics Club of the Department discovers the various new applications of analytics in different domains of business. It also conducts various events and lectures throughout the year and makes students aware of the new developments in the world of analytics. Various inter-college and intra-college competitions are conducted on a regular basis to help students learn and apply the concepts apart from the theoretical learning they get.

Club Members

Jayesh Tada(Convenor)jayesh-2021@dbe-du.org9586358299
Sayan Mondalsayanmondal2021@dbe-du.org9007347202
Sanjay Mondalsanjaymondal2021@dbe-du.org9632148294
Raquib Adnan Akhtarraquibakhtar2021@dbe-du.org7979973711
Vishal Sharmavishalsharma2021@dbe-du.org9555477395
Shubham Thakurshubhamthakur2021@dbe-du.org7879677879

Email: datamatics@mbe-du.org

MarkiBiz- The Marketing Club

The Marketing Club endeavors to complement theoretical knowledge with understanding and application of professional marketing practices. By means of various distinguished lectures, competitions and quizzes, the club tries to develop an understanding of various aspects of marketing in the students and assists them in their pursuit of marketing careers by educating them about the different career opportunities in the field of marketing.

Club Members

Jigar Macwan(Convenor)jigarkumarmacwan2021@dbe-du.org7359513296
Aashish Gandhiaashishgandhi2021@dbe-du.org9034606102
Gajender Kumargajenderkumar2021@dbe-du.org8860414560
Prateek Pasrijaprateekpasrija2021@dbe-du.org8860022917
Ranjan Rashmi Parhiranjanparhi2021@dbe-du.org7894116825
Shivam Sarveshshivamsarvesh2021@dbe-du.org9523470671
Vyas G.vyasgottipati2021@dbe-du.org9989462162

Email: markibiz@mbe-du.org

BlueChips-The Finance Club

The Finance Club explores various financial practices from a practical point of view to supplement the theoretical knowledge. Once again, the tools of lectures, competitions and quizzes are employed to develop an understanding of various aspects of finance, thus enabling the students to pursue coveted careers in finance.

Club Members

Ekansh Verma(Convenor)ekanshverma2021@dbe-du.org8175842093
Vishal Sharmavishalsharma2021@dbe-du.org9555477395
Vivek Kumar Singhviveksingh2021@dbe-du.org8299562453
Prashant Singhprashantsingh2021@dbe-du.org9911173859
Jayesh Tadajayesh-2021@dbe-du.org9586358299

Email: bluechips@mbe-du.org

Ecosoc- The Economics Society

The Economics Society was conceptualized to take forward the theory taught in class room to real life happenings in the world, forming a crucial link in the learning process at MBA (BE). The society organizes regular discussions on various current events, seminars and documentary sessions. An annual event is organized by the society, involving the best of minds from the academia as well as the corporate world. 


Abhinand C(Convenor)abhinandc2021@dbe-du.org8547608901
Aditya Kaleadityakale2021@dbe-du.org9405165100
Arunav DasArunavDas2021@dbe-du.org9176815490
Gajender Kumargajenderkumar2021@dbe-du.org8830414560
Prateek Pasrijaprateekpasrija2021@dbe-du.org8860022917
Shivam Sarveshshivamsarvesh2021@dbe-du.org9523470671
Ujjwal Gosainujjwalgosain2021@dbe-du.org9810417793

Email: ecosoc@mbe-du.org

Editorial Board

The Editorial Team is responsible for everything that’s in the written form, ranging from the launch of its annual publication "The Business Economist" to maintaining the quality of content posted on its blog which can be found at: https://dbedubuzz.wordpress.com/.


Sampat Mishra(Convenor)sampatmishra2021@dbe-du.org9040619698
Arunav DasArunavDas2021@dbe-du.org9176815490
Chukka Venumadhavavenumadhavachukka2021@dbe-du.org7736875548
Shashi Kumarshashikumar2021@dbe-du.org9131196506
Shubham Thakurshubhamthakur2021@dbe-du.org7879677879

Email: edboard@mbe-du.org


ROOTS, formed in September 2015 is a social initiative by the students of Department of Business Economics, Delhi University, to build a conscious for the social responsibilities among the students, who are the future of our nation. Our vision is to contribute towards the development of communities & engaging in socio economic projects through the application of management skills. The aim is to bring a change at grass root level by instilling the cause of social welfare in as many lives as possible.

ROOTS conducted its maiden annual event 'PAHAL' in April 2016 with much fanfare.


Deepak Sharma(Convenor)deepaksharma2021@dbe-du.org9650903729
Amit Pandyaamitpandya2021@dbe-du.org9024898838

Email: roots@mbe-du.org

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Sudesh Prasadsudeshprasad2021@dbe-du.org8881279446

Email: account@dbe-du.org