If you are thinking that your love for sports will end here, let me warn you it's just the beginning! Grab your sports kit, gear it up and buckle up. South campus will never disappoint you in this front. We have green grounds, badminton courts, Table Tennis tables and everything you need to keep the gaming enthusiasm going. Campus is waiting for you to see some of your batting strokes, football strikes, badminton flicks, table tennis smashes, and many more.

Coming to the major sports events, we have cricket, football, table tennis, badminton, sprints etc. The biggest of them is our favorite box cricket!

So once again that time of the year will be back when you'll pack the bags and unpack the kits. Your management skills will be tested. It will be a time to bring out the bats for the Masters Premiere League.

  • 2 grueling rounds and several matches of box cricket will decide the champion of the year. You will be forced to think out of the box to keep scoring inside it.
  • Starting with the first round, teams of 6 (2 girls and 4 boys) will compete against each other to qualify to become a champion.
  • But that's just the warm-up. Once the first round is over, you will have the knowledge of how well your opponents or teammates play. During the second round, girls will fill in for the managerial role and get a chance to create their own teams via auctions.
  • Each manager will create her own team which will face off with other teams to win the coveted title. So your own teammate could be your enemy or your opponent could be the one on whom you have to rely for a match winning inning.

Apart from the department's sports event, there is south campus' sports event which is held between different departments of the campus. The games include cricket, football, sprint, relay and many more.

So if you think that your talent and love for sports will remain unnoticed then prepare to be surprised!