Faculty: Faculty of Applied Social Sciences & Humanities

Department: Department of Business Economics

Supervisor Name of the Ph.D Scholar with Aadhaar Mode of Ph.D Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely date of completion of Ph.D Availing fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Prof. V.K. Kaul Mr S.Shekhar Singh Full Time 40886 14.10.2009 Readmitted w.e.f 14.10.2016 to 13.10.2017 Some Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian Industry 2017 No
Prof. V.K. Kaul Mr Anuj Aggarwal 8428 3633 8034 Full Time 98757 2.1.2012 1st Ext till 2.6.2017 Internationalization of Small & Medium Enterprises in the Pharmaceutical and Software Sectors in India 2017 No
Prof. V.K. Kaul Ms.Pritika Dua 597172081102 Full Time 98757 2.1.2012 1st ext. 1.7.2017 Capability Building for Green Growth in Selected Indian Enterprises 2017 No
Prof. V.K. Kaul Ms. Ruchi Malik Full Time 45736 12.11.2012 Evolution of Industrial Clusters and their role in Regional Economy in India- A case Study of Automobile Cluster in National Capital Region 2017 No
Prof. V.K. Kaul Mr Pramod Kumar Joshi 3164 9943 3394 Full Time 11870 16.7.2012 University Education: Socio- Economic Relevance and a Model of Sustainable Excellence 2017 No
Prof. V.K. Kaul Mr Rakesh Kumar Jain Full Time 9433 1.7. 2013 Financing for Climate Change: An Analysis of Thermal Power Sector in India 2018 No
Prof. V.K. Kaul Mr Abhishek Singh Full Time 8650 24.6 2013 Financial Deeping, Growth and Poverty: Empirical Evidences in India 2018 No
Prof. V.K. Kaul Ms.Jyotika Bahl 250007446587 Full Time 8478 20.6.2013 Corporate Strategy, Governance and Social Responsibility in India 2018 No
Prof. V.K. Kaul Ms. Amisha Gupta Full Time 35988 1.11.2010 Internationalization of Indian Enterprises: A study of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Awarded on 20.12.2017 No
Prof. V.K. Kaul Mr. Prakash Singh Full Time 35105 25.10.2010 Finance and Firm Dynamics: Cross Country Evidence Ph.D thesis submitted on 29.9.2016 No
Prof. V.K. Kaul Ms. Shweta Sharma Full Time 16198 21.7.2014 Impact of Training on performance: study of Selected Industries 2019 Yes UGC
Prof. V.K. Kaul Mr Manab Chakraborty 8849 7133 5214sh Full Time 15479 21.7.2014 Impact Investment: Evidence from Microfinance in India 2019 No
Prof. Suresh Chand Aggarwal Ms. Simran Sethi Full Time 19254 5.8.2016 Research Topic : International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and Inequality 2021 No
Prof. Suresh Chand Aggarwal Ms.Ruchi Gupta Full Time 10686 8.7. 2013 Corruption and Growth: Empirical Evidence From the Brics Countries Awarded on 24.7.2017 No
Prof. Suresh Chand Aggarwal Ms.Parul Bhardwaj Full Time 9427 1.7. 2013 Impact of Monetary Policy: Macro and Firm-Level Evidence from India” Awarded on 3.11.2017 No
Prof. Suresh Chand Aggarwal Ms Mansi Bansal Full Time 10982 9.7.2013 Employee’s Perception of Risk Management in Indian Banks Awarded on 2nd May, 2017 No
Prof. Suresh Chand Aggarwal Mr. Subodh Pandit 3923 7827 9573 Full Time 8031 12.6.2013 Consumption Patterns In India: An Empirical analysis Awarded on 06.11.2017 No
Prof. Suresh Chand Aggarwal Ms.Shirin Akhter Full Time 12732 17.7 2012 Persisting Poverty in India: Role of State and Financial Deprivation of Women Within the Family Awarded 28.6.2017 No
Prof. Surender Kumar Mr Shivananda Shetty 555218629843 Full Time 69169 22.7.2011 Impact of voluntary environment programs on environmental and economic performance of firms in India Awarded 12.9.2017 No
Prof. Rashmi Agrawal Mr. Lalit Kumar Full Time 34943 22.10.2010 Effects of Climate Change: A study of Select Agriculture Crops for India” Ph.D thesis submitted on 27.9.2016 No
Prof. Rashmi Agrawal Ms.Saumya Shukla 4291 1004 0852 Full Time 57120 17.3.2013 The Economics of Green Buildings in India, With Special Reference to Leeds Guidelines Awarded 24.10.2017 No
Prof. Rashmi Agrawal Ms.Kajleen Kaur 655801708018 Full Time 09992 4.7.2013 An Evaluation of Monetary Policy in India: Interest Rate Responsiveness Awarded 13.3.2018 No
Dr. Yamini Gupt Ms.Ishita Sachdeva 771112788061 Full Time 19849 24.7.2015 Economic Valuation of the Health Damages of Municipal Landfill sites on the nearby redisents in Delhi 2021 Yes UGC
Dr. Yamini Gupt Ms. Srishty Kasana Full Time 17272 2.8.2016 Impact of Climate Change on the yield of wheat and rice in Punjab 2021 No Applied for non net fellowship DU
Dr. Yamini Gupt Ms.Shalini Singh 462696036348 Full Time 15886 21.7.2014 Impact Evaluation of Janani Suraksha Yojana and role of Asha: A case study” 2019 Yes UGC
Dr. Ananya Ghosh Dastidar Ms.Prerna Prabhakar Full Time 98517 28.12.2011 Essays on international Trade, Environment and Regional Integration Awarded on 23.11.2017 No
Dr. Ananya Ghosh Dastidar Ms.Rashmi Ahuja Full Time 98277 27.12.2011 Essays on International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and Income Inequality in Developing Economies Awarded on 9.1.2018 No
Dr. Ananya Ghosh Dastidar Mohd. Hashimuddin Khan 227621578584 Full Time 18970 22.7.2015 Investigating the issues and implications of Indo-Latin American Trade Relations 2021 Yes
Dr. Ananya Ghosh Dastidar Ms.Pooja Khanna 4025 9368 0890 Full Time 17154 1.8.2016 Trade and Informality: An Empirical Approach 2021 No
Dr. Ananya Ghosh Dastidar Ms.Priti Mendiratta Full Time 66799 14.7.2011 2nd Ext. till 7.7.2017 Role of Financial Markets in Economic Growth: Evidence From Selected Developing Countries 2017 No