Past Events

Annual Convention
 Campus   10:00 AM

The Corporate Communications Cell (CCC) organized the flagship event – “ 49th Annual Convention” for the Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi on March 3, 2023. The event centered around the theme "Leveraging the Potential of Change as an Asset" and brought together industry experts, students, and faculty members to explore the evolving landscape of business economics.

Dr. D. Bhalla, a distinguished figure, graced the event as the Chief Guest, providing valuable insights and expertise. The event also featured prominent panel speakers like Prasun Kumar (CMO, JustDial), Shilpa Tiwari (Director - Digital Transformation, Credit Suisse), and Pankaj Garg (CFO, Sleepwell) and many more.

Furthermore, the faculty members played an essential role in helping organizing the event and showing their presence throughout. Their contributions in coordinating logistics, providing guidance, and ensuring a smooth execution of the event were instrumental in its success.

The event comprised three panels: Finance, Analytics, and Marketing. The Finance panel explored the topic of "Digital Assets 2.0: Emerging Technologies and Regulatory Challenges," discussing the impact of emerging technologies and the regulatory challenges faced by the finance sector. The Analytics panel focused on "Self-Servicing Analytics: Harnessing Man-Made Synergies," emphasizing the significance of analytics in decision-making processes. The Marketing panel examined the "Future of Marketing: Marketing in the World of Metaverse," exploring the evolving marketing landscape in the digital age.

The event provided a platform for attendees to gain valuable insights, engage in discussions, and expand their understanding of the dynamic field of business economics. The presence and support of the faculty members highlighted their commitment to the development and growth of the department's students and the success of the event.

Overall, the flagship event organized by the CCC, with the involvement of faculty members, industry experts, and the Chief Guest, proved to be a significant gathering for knowledge-sharing and networking, emphasizing the importance of leveraging change as a valuable asset in the field of business economics.

 Department of Business Economics   10:00 AM

The Alumni Relations and Cultural Committee of the Department of Business Economics held 8th edition of its Annual Summit - Imprints'22 on November 5, 2022. The eminent panelists enlightened the students on the theme of the event " Limitless: The Unbridled Race for More".

The convention had 3 sub specific field of areas:

Finance - "Recession 2023: A social media debate, or an economic reality?"

Marketing -"Never Ending fight to Seize & Sustain the Consumer's attention in a distracted world"

Analytics -"A marathon, not a sprint: How India can win the digital race?”

 Department of Business Economics   10:00 AM

The Department of Business Economics has successfully organized PRisma’22, an annual event of the Public Relations Committee held from 17 to 20 October 2022. The event itself consisted of two Events within. The First Event was for everyone and consisted of interesting quizzes, poster and video making, and presentations in presence of Mr. Anmol Rattan (Product Manager, GROWTH) who acted as judge and chose winners. The Second Event was DEW with DBE for students which was based on the template of Koffee with Karan which consisted of many fun segments such as blazing rapid fire rounds, hook step challenges, bollywood lyrical challenge and many such thrilling rounds.

 Department of Business Economics   10:00 AM

Annual HR Summit

The Department of Business Economics successfully held tHRive’22 on 15th October 2022.

The theme for the event: Reskilling, Upskilling & Outskilling: Building HR Framework for Competitive Advantage.

As demand for new capabilities and skills is gathering pace, reskilling and upskilling can enable organizations to develop the skills required to remain competitive and relevant. Executives all over the world are prioritizing the upskilling of the workforce with challenges including talent acquisition, employee productivity, and employee engagement.

That being the case, it is important for MBA students to not only understand the talent strategies but also develop these muscles with critical digital and cognitive capabilities, adaptability and resilience, and social and emotional skills.

tHRive '2022 is an attempt to have a conversation on understanding new strategies for upskilling in the potential future in multiple industrial domains to ensure we remain relevant and fully equipped for upcoming challenges.

 Online   10:00 AM

Genesis 2022,coordinated by the Alumni Relations and Cultural Committee. This session was honoured by the presence of Mr Anuj Rahul Joshi - Vice President - Talent Acquisition at Barclays, who spoke on the topic "Growth, Learning and Opportunity: Real Success by threading all three in a career over next 4 decades".

Mr Anui Rahul Joshi concluded this informative session by enlightening us with extremely helpful tips to become a good employee and a good human during one's corporate journey.

 Department of Business Economics   10:00 AM

The Department of Business Economics successfully held ARTHNITI’22, the flagship event of Ecosoc - The Economic Club on 12th March 2022. The theme of event was ‘Recalibrating India’s Economic Growth: Trends and Way Forward’ covering 2 topics – Rethinking the rules of the economy with digital currency and Fostering Recovery through Inclusive Growth. Highly interactive and insightful discussions were graced by speakers from organisations like Munich Re, Times of India, JM Financial Ltd., Amazon, Standard Charter Bank, Asian Development Bank. The Event also included a case study competition on topic ‘Galloping Oil Prices and Ukraine Crisis’.

 Online   10:00 AM

The corporate communication cell of Department of Business economics, University of Delhi, organised 
Philomathes: Weekly Knowledge sharing series from 17th September,2022 to 13 October,2022. The series began with the guest speaker, C.A. Hemraj Joshi, who enlightened the students over the topic 
“Awareness Session on Investments.” He discussed the factors to consider before investing and the 
things we should avoid investing in, as well as the classification of securities to invest in from the 
beginning to the end. The next week, Mr. Naman Taneja, as a guest speaker, gave his insights on the 
topic “Financial Aspects of Product Development.” He talked about the prospectus of product 
management, and then he moved on to statistical techniques for product management research, as well 
as the financial implications of product management. On another day, Mr. Yash Arora enlightened the 
students on the topic “Leaders are born not Developed – A myth”. He discussed how to choose a career, 
hobbies, and what are your values. Later, he motivated the students by stating that people can alter 
their lives by changing their characteristics. All the sessions were followed up by a Q&A round and  ended with a lot of information

Celebrating 50th anniversary of Department of Business Economics
 Online   9:00 AM

Department of Business Economics is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. To celebrate the history of the department and its role in developing leaders like, the Dalip Swamy Memorial Lecture, a public lecture honouring one of our founding members, will be held for the fifth time on February 24, 2023, with the theme "Emerging Triple Planetary Crisis and Role of Economics." 
The department would like to cordially invite you to case competition on unstop platform on its 50th anniversary.
The competition is hosted on D2C (Unstop) where you will be competing with some of the best minds in India. 

Followings are the details:

Number of Team Members: 4
Deadline for registration: 18th February 11:59pm
Deadline for presentation submission: 20th february 11:59pm

All other participation rules are mentioned on the competition page only.

Unstop link:


 Online: Zoom   9:00 AM

The Department of Business Economics is thrilled to announce Atharv'22, the business and cultural event where you get to compete with various esteemed management and non-management institutions from all across the country and showcase your business acumen, cultural talent, and research & presentation skills.

Dates: 19-20 February

 Online: Zoom   10:00 AM


Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, & the United Nations. At a MUN conference, students work as the representative of a country, organization, or person, & must solve a problem with other delegates from around the world. It teaches participants skills like research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership. It is meant to engage students & allow them to develop a deeper understanding of current world issues.



Dates: 14th and 15th January 2022 (Friday and Saturday)

Venue: Zoom

Webinar on Publishing Research Papers in Quality Journals
 Google Meet   9:00 AM

Department of Finace and Business Economics Presents Webinar on Publishing Research Papers in Quality Journals

 Online   10:00 AM

The Department of Business Economics successfully organized Moolyankan’21, the flagship event of Bluechips Club on the 20th March,2021. The Department was fortunate to be graced by the presence of Chief Guest, Mr. Rajeev Mantri, Chief Financial Officer, TransUnion CIBIL. He through his unique way and interactive style explained to us his view on the main theme of the event ‘Uncharted: Navigating the Future of Finance’ and also spoke about the current trends in the Indian Financial Industry and emerging Fintech sector. This was followed by a panel discussion on the topic ‘Evolving banking structure of India: Bad Banks, Merger, Privatization and Acquisition of PSBs’ which was attended by eminent speakers from the banking domain explaining and analysing the recent measures taken by RBI and the government like Bad banks, mergers and privatization which is entirely transforming the traditional banking landscape in a rapid scale. Discussion witnessed enthusiastic participation from eminent speakers like Ms. Sunali Rohra (Executive Vice President - HDFC Bank) Mr. Kunal Bhardwaj (Senior Vice President – IndusInd Bank) Ms. Radhika Rao (Senior Vice President & Economist – DBS Bank) Mr. Gaurav Bhardwaj (Deputy Vice President – RBL Bank) Mr. Nagesh Saxena (Senior Manager – Bank of America) The Event came to its end with a panel discussion on the topic “World post Covid: Credit Risk and Evolving Paradigms in Risk Management” which highlighted challenges faced by different sectors due to the COVID pandemic impacting banking functions particularly credit risk management owing to the sudden and rapid slowdown of the global financial system due to the lockdowns. The panel also discussed the key themes that would enable the financial institutions to become robust and resilient in the post-COVID-19 era. Discussion witnessed enthusiastic participation from eminent speakers like Mr. Gurvinder Singh (CFO- Mitsubishi Electric India) Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma (CFO- Xebia) Mr. Ruchir Jain (CFO – Discovery Inc) Ms. Shalinee Mimani (CRO – Godrej Housing Finance) Mr. Prakash Bade (Associate Director – Crisil GR&A) Mr. Pradeep Bhasin (Senior Director- MobiKwik) Also, the final round of Moolyankan’21 competition “Financial Analysis Domination” conducted on D2C platform and participated by students from prominent B schools across India was judged and evaluated by the well-known author and Investment Banking Trainer Mr. Arindam Chakraborty.

Vishleshan 21
 Online   10:00 AM

The Department of Business Economics organised Vishleshan 21, the flagship event of Datamatics: The Analytics Club of DBE on 6th March,2021. The theme of the event was- "Data Analytics in Industry 4.0". It was a comprehensive event with three speaker sessions and two panel discussions. The day began with an address from Richa Dhandhania who gave us her insights on the topic - "Widespread Automation in Data Science - AutoML". Later, Shraddha Avasthy set the stage rolling on "Continuous Intelligence/Hyper Intelligence". Speaker sessions were concluded by Pankaj Mishra on the topic of "Harnessing the power of Data & Analytics to be customer first". Two panel discussions followed the speaker sessions on the respective topics of “Data Ecosystems Expanding & Disrupting Technologies” and "Monetizing/Taxing Data over Multinational Corporation".

 Online   10:00 AM

The Department of Business Economics organised MarkQuest'21, the flagship event of MarkibizThe Marketing Club on 27th February 2021. The theme of the event was- "MarTech: Optimising the next generation of Marketing Technology" It is the term for the software and tech tools marketers leverage to plan, execute, and measure marketing campaigns. The day began with an address from Mr. Rajesh Kumar(VP Marketing, India and South Asia UiPATH) who gave us his insights on the topic "Importance of Technology for Marketeers" Then there was also a panel discussion on two topics which are very correlated to MarTech and the panel discussed the converging points between the two. The First topic was "Madtech : Convergence of Martech and AdTech" which was discussed by the esteemed Panel The Second Topic of discussion was "Analytics and Marketing: Critical Role of Market Research" which is a paramount topic for the marketeers. Before Markquest, Markibiz also organized a session on the topic “Digital Marketing Strategies & How to solve a Case Study”


 Online   10:00 AM

The Department of Business Economics organised Arthniti ’20, the flagship event of Ecosoc: The Economics Society of DBE on 31st oct 2020.  It was a well-rounded event as it covered 2 wide topics.The first seminar discussed the recovery of the economy and impact of Covid on Indian economy and what will make countries succeed in the post Covid World. The discussions were insightful and panels were graced by industry stalwarts from organisations like Yes bank, Vedanta, SC bank.

'PAHAL' 2019 – A Step towards a Better World
 S.P. Jain Auditorium, South Campus, University of Delhi   10:00 AM

Pahal is a summit of all the social clubs of premier B schools & undergraduate colleges of Delhi University, various NGOs, CSR representatives, and prominent social activists. This provides a platform for the interaction among distinguished activists, CSR representatives from Corporate Houses, NGO representatives and students working in diverse social dimensions.

Roots is also taking up an initiative to help the bereaved families of CRPF jawans who died in Pulwama terrorist attack. So on the day of Pahal, we are organising a donation drive.

A Day With Alum' 19
 S.P. Jain Auditorium, South Campus, University of Delhi   1:00 PM

College days fills maximum colors in life’s journey in the form of lessons. It’s time to remember and talk about those lessons. It gives us immense pleasure in announcing that we are hosting the DBE Annual Alumni Summit: A day with Alums 2019

 S.P. Jain Auditorium, South Campus, University of Delhi   10:00 AM

Department of Business Economics presents INVESTELLAR 4.0, the annual event of our Finance Club- Bluechips.

Participate in the event below and grab a chance to win cash prizes worth up to Rs 10,000  by proving your financial acumen and decision-making ability. The event tests one's financial acumen and ability to rationally foresee the future of financial Industries in India; how it is going to affect one's financial stance in the upcoming time. Your right decision will reap the returns you desire, but a bad one could end your wish of leading a life of luxury. 

Scribble Board 1.0
 Online Competition   12:00 AM

Editorial Board of the Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi presents SCRIBBLE BOARD 1.0 - The Article Writing Competition. So it's time to put on your thinking caps and write about the management genre that exhilarates you the most. 

Submission Deadline - 10 Feb, 2019
Follow the link to get more details about the event and in case of any query feel free to contact: 

Tushar - 9873103839
Jyotsna - 7003259562