At present, Indian economy is at a unique position in globally interconnected world. There is a huge Agriculture and rural society, big diversified manufacturing base and an enormous service sector. Despite good progress and growth across the sectors and industry during last 70 years, India is beset with several problems which are yet to be solved. As our economy is evolving, new issues and problems are also emerging. For a vibrant and growing economy, it is essential to develop capabilities to solve these problems. It is the collective responsibility of the government, business and civil society to acquire and strengthen their decision-making capabilities. As a part of society, the Universities and institutes of higher learning have an important responsibility to develop young people and their capabilities to take up the challenges and shape the Society, Economy and business.

The Department of Business Economics in the University of Delhi has also taken up the challenge to prepare future leaders who can take up the challenges of the Indian Economy and Business. We are focusing on developing the knowledge and capabilities of students to understand, analyze and solve the problems. During the two years period of their post-graduation, students in the Business Economies are exposed to the challenges faced by the Indian Economy and Business. They are able to acquire strong analytical skills – both Quantitative and Qualitative – which equip them to overcome the challenges and offer solutions in their respective area of operations. They are learning the modern analytical tools to get insight to come up with solution to the society, business and economy.

I am looking ahead for an exciting future for the student of Business Economics and the Department as a whole in India and the world.

-Prof. V. K. Kaul