Why Recruit @DBE

The Department of Business Economics boasts of an illustrious history in more than four decades of its existence. Its strong and vibrant alumni base is but a reflection of its academic prowess and corporate values embedded in every student with the help of an erudite faculty base with academic, corporate as well as administrative experience.

The curriculum touches a wide array of subjects in each domain, inculcating knowledge in a diverse manner among all the students. Along with academic development, the department ensures to incorporate diverse co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through the means of numerous clubs and committees as part of the life at DBE. All such activities are planned and organized keeping the corporate culture and the competitive nature of the corporate world in mind.

Distinctive Talking Points

  • Live Project tie-ups with organizations, which not only allow the students an opportunity to learn the practical and industrial applications of their academic knowledge, but also hold competitions thus encouraging the competitive spirit of the corporate world.
  • Multiple domain specific events are hosted by the department, where industry stalwarts share insights in their specific domains and also sit on the panel for different case studies and competitions held by the department.
  • Winter Internship is encouraged at DBE, apart from the compulsory summer internship, another among the many initiatives taken by the department to help students gain relevant corporate exposure.
  • Supported by an outstanding library facility which houses an extensive collection of books and journals, under the University of Delhi.

Initiating the Process

  • Offer a Live Project
  • Conduct a Corporate Engagement Program
  • Invite the Students for an Industrial Visit
  • Leave Your Contact details
To contact us, please send an email at: placements@dbe-du.org.